Council representative on Malabar's negotiating team that arranged the sale of Malabar's water utility to Palm Bay, while guaranteeing Malabar water customers will never pay a rate higher than Palm Bay customers.

Successfully lobbied the Council to replace and upgrade key equipment used for drainage construction and maintenance. Old equipment almost continuously breaking down severely limited the town's drainage maintenance and slowed removal of stormwater.

Worked with the Town engineer and administrator to develop long range drainage plan that has been utilized for the last 4 years.

Supported trails and greenways committee's work to develop Malabar's trail system; T&G committee has used grants and volunteers to leverage very small investment by the Town into significant improvements in the trail system.

Supported transition of Malabar's volunteer Fire Dept into a hybrid department that utilizes paid management and volunteer firefighters. The department is significantly less expensive than a standard fully paid FD, but provides faster response than surrounding municipalities.

Elected by Council and served as Town Council Chair for 2012 and 2013.