Vision for Malabar

I want to keep Malabar rural.... while we can't prevent all development, we can control it so that it is consistent with our rural residential character

Experience and Qualifications

I have the education and experience to understand the issues and how they affect Malabar residents.  Years of service in local government, industry, and academia.

Proven Track Record

I have lead Malabar's Town Council as it's most senior member and as it's chair.  I have brokered consensus within the Council and represented Malabar's interests in negotiations with Palm Bay and other municipalities

Working for Malabar

In the 14 years that I have had the privilege of representing Malabar's district 3 I have worked hard to represent the views of the majority of our residents.  I seek to understand our residents' viewpoints and concerns, and am always available to hear your views.

I have worked closely with our staff to get the most return from our limited financial resources, and forged compromises with other council members to create win/win solutions.

I support the development of our Babcock, Malabar Road, and US -1 commercial corridors to create a broader tax base and reduce the property tax load on homeowners.  I do not support conversion of additional low density residential zoning to commercial.  Low density rural residential is the core of who we are, and must be maintained.

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Steve Rivet for Malabar Town Council, District 3